I Hear It All the Time, “I Hate Access”

I hear it all the time “I hate Access.”
When the reality is that you probably just hate the system that was built with Access.
Access can be a fabulous tool and you can almost guarantee productivity when you convert the crazy Excel system people find themselves using…

Just a disclaimer to the IT professionals and programmers who might find themselves reading this post…I know that you think I am crazy, but for the “business side” a simple Access solution is a great start in the right direction for a system built in .Net or whatever language you love to write in or support.

In my head, Excel is great for “in the moment” reporting, great for data mining and calculations…but if you have reports that you do weekly or over periods of time it’s nice to have all the reports written just once and then run over and over again for different slices and dices.

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