Tis the Season…

How thankful am I?

However I got to this moment, I will never know. But know how grateful I am to be here.

The first TechKnowledge Birmingham Christmas party — held at the grand venue “Old Man Ivey’s House” — was not just a celebration of a new company, but also of other things too numerous to list.

There was a wide variety of eats, and wonderful company. My five-year-old son and four-year-old daughter tore through the entire upstairs within 30 minutes and left me and hubby feeling terribly embarrassed … but too little, too late. At least Gary Michael’s broken arm happened over Thanksgiving and not at this holiday event! “Never a dull moment” is a constant remark out of my mouth when we’re out in public.

Nick and Summer were there; J.R. and Christina; and my favorite little Kim Beatty. Bill and I enjoyed bringing our families together so they could swap war stories about how crazy Bill is and how great I am … Ha. More like we are both crazy and they all have our number.

The one that stole the show however was J.R. Jr. — what a little sweetheart.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday.

Take time to enjoy the craziest time of the year with friends and family.

Pictures are posted at: http://www.tkbham.com/news-events/news.aspx

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